As I am going on a short holiday, this blog will not be updated on the 21st of November, but instead be updated on Wednesday the 22nd of November, and then again on Monday the 27th of November.


19th November, 2006

New South Wales- From the New South Wales site here, “The NSW Rowing Association is in the process of packing up the office and moving to a new home at Sydney Olympic Park. Your patience is appreciated for the next few days during the move. We expect to be operational again on Tuesday 21st November 2006. Our new phone number is 8116 9777”
South Australia- Adelaide High School Regatta Results
Media- Tomkins and Ginn reunite (Melbourne Herald Sun)


17th November, 2006

Victoria- Dimboola Regatta Cancelled
New South Wales- -Final Start List (verision 2) and Competitor Instructions for the Head of the Parramatta- photos from the Loreto Normanhurst Regatta
South Australia- Adelaide High School Final Regatta Program
Rowing Australia- Western Australian Rowers in line for major award (Joanna Lutz and Amber Bradley)
Media- Rower Tomkins back with Beijing in sight (Sydney Morning Herald)
-Rowers primed to scoop top award (The West Australian)


16 November, 2006

Due to my exams, this blog will not be updated until Friday the 17th.
The only news up today is Rowing Australia

Expression of interest sought for the Rowing Australia Adaptive Rowing Steering Committee, more information can be found here (PDF)


14th November, 2006

Victoria- E-Update
New South Wales- Department of Sport & Rec - Country Athlete Scheme
-Department of Sport & Rec - Country Coaches & Officials Scheme
Queensland- Rowing Queensland Scores
South Australia- Adelaide High School Draft Regatta Program
Rowing Press- November issue out now at
Media- Kinross crews produce oarsome results (Orange Central Western Daily)
-Not really rowing, but it sort of is… worth a look Can PM weather rate rise storms (Daily Telegraph)


12th November, 2006

New South Wales- NCAS Rowing Assessors Course - 10 Dec 06 (PDF)
-Universal Sculling Announcement (PDF)
South Australia-The Walford "Round the Island' Regatta Results
Western Australia- Results for Guildford on Swan Regatta
Rowing Australia- UQ SPORT recruiting for two positions to support its Rowing Program
-Bulletin 2 for the 2007 AYOF Rowing Regatta
Rowing Press- Rowing press aims to make impact
-Issue 3 will not be out until later this week, but Issue 1 and 2 can be downloaded from Rowing Press
Media- It’s a bit older, but I thought I put it up last time- Its an article about Liz Kell, from the Double that beat the New Zealand twins at the world championships Kell beats world’s best
Row Trade- November Issue out now – its basically like the trading post, but for rowing stuff


9th November, 2006

And its back. I’m hoping to update it every Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday night. And for now, I’m getting stuff from back to the 4th of November.

Victoria- Coaching Job at Yarra Yarra RC
New South Wales- North Shore Regatta - Sponsor Request (PDF)
-2007 Australian Youth Olympic Festival NSW Shadow Squad (PDF)
- NSW Rowing Newsletter for November
Queensland- QAS and the AIS are looking for girls, aged 18-20, taller than 173cm and weighing more than 65kgs with an arm span of 175cm to win medals at the 2008 U23 Rowing World Championships- and they don’t even have to be rowers. Look at the brochure here
South Australia- Walford “Round the Island” Draft Program
-Scotch College Regatta Results
Rowing Australia- Australian Coach Adrian David was a finalist for the FISA Coach of the Year award here
Rowing Press- here
Media- Mike McKay is in the Mark Webber Challenge Old rivalry has teams pushing even harder (Tasmania Examiner)


10th October, 2006

Tasmania- The Premiere Tasmanian Rowers Ball, New State Development Officer (Anthony Edwards- rowed in an Olympic Lightweight four) and Celebrating 100 years of rowing in the Huon all here
Victoria- The Canterbury Baselayer Tour de Scull Tallies, here and E-Update (October 9th) here
NSW- Row in the vines (21.10) Call for Entries and Accommodation Options, NSWIS Time Trial 4 (14.10) Call for Entries and Henley on the Hunter Results Here
Rowing Australia - Legendary World Rowing Coach (Thor Nilsen)on the Gold Coast this weekend at the “Creating Our Future Champions” confrence more information here
Media- More weightloss due to rowing machines (sort of) Weighty topic lightens up (Warrnambool Standard)
-Read down a bit to find out the winners of the Corporte Rowing Challenge Talk of the North
-Two articles about Antony Rickards from a 1994 Lightweight crew being the first local male over the line in the Melbourne Marathon Art of the long distance runner (The Age) and Breakthrough win for Suzuki (The Age)


8th October, 2006

They say no news is good news, so lets hope it is for most of the Australian Rowing 'World'. There is a lot of media stuff from the past few days, so I havent really written what its about- I didnt have time, but next time I promise I will.
Western Australia -The 2006 Sunsmart Pennant Points total for 2006 is here
Media- Fine, its not really rowing news, but Kim 'Slim' Beazley has lost 16kgs and said he works out on a ROWING machine- It's Slim Beazley
-Rowing to success
- Masters bid strengthens
-Gold rush
- Olympic star's farewell
-Pambula News (Indoor Rowing Competition)
-Venturing in unknown waters


6th October, 2006

Not much news today,

New South Wales- Call for entries for the Head of the Shoalhaven River and Shoalhaven Sprint Regatta (4/11) here (PDF), and NSWRA Spring Regatta(28/10) here (PDF)
Queensland - Queensland Indoor Rowing Championships (21/10), the flyer is here (PDF) go to Rowing Queensland for the entry forms
-Rising Talent Program, for year ten potential elite athletes, information here (PDF)
-Selection critera to apply for various queensland squads/teams here


3st October

Its the first post for a while, but I do have some news. I'm planing to update the layout and everything of this website in the next school holidays, so you only have to deal with this for a couple more months. Also if their is anyone who ever has any news to contribute, or who would like to help me do this, then email me- Thanks.
But now to the news:

Tasmania -Level 1 coach course to be held on the 7th of October. Forms are due in tomorrow. here
Victoria -Hawtorn Rowing Club are look for a coach here
-E-Update (October 2nd) here(PDF)
-NEW Rowing Victoria 2006/07 RV Directory here
New South Wales- Level 1 coaching course, to be held 2nd December here (pdf)
-Call for entrys in the North Shore Corporate Raiders Regatta here (pdf), and Nepean Rowing Club Regatta here (pdf)
Queensland- List of rowing queensland scores here (pdf)
-Junior Passport for the best Junior rowers in the state- should be interesting for any young queensland rowers here (pdf)
South Australia- A message to boat race officals here
Western Australia- Information on the 2007 National Rowing Championships here and Youth Olympics team here
Rowing Australia- Rowing Australia are looking for a RA Adaptive Rowing and Competition Administrator, more information here
RowingPress- A new online,FREE, rowing magazine. Its first issue is from September, but its a good read and the next should be out soon.
Aus Light Chicks- Have got some new photos up from their Trip over from the World Cup 3, training at Italy and the World Championships here


30th September

Hello faithful Aussie Rowing News readers. Its been a long time and I'm sorry, but our internet was gone for a whole month (I know, the tragedy), and its been school holidays so I couldn't do this at school. I'm not going to be able to get all the information from the past month- I'm not even going to try, but I will start over fresh tomorrow. Thanks for everyone's comments, which I got today, and check back again tomorrow.
Aussie Rowing News


  • Rowing Victoria news- the Youth Cup team was announced- just in time, the race is this weekend, and the teams are:
    Mens' squad: Samuel Bailey, Tommy Bertrand, Thomas Nickson, Tim Wright, Thomas Swann, Alexander Machin, James Adams, Chip Delany, Christpher Lefebvre (cox), James Ferrie (res.) and coached by Simon Harrison.
    Womens' squad: Rachel Thomas, Heidi Wilson, Grace Hicks, Courtney Adamson, Michelle Yann, Lauren Battaglia, Carley McKay, Alysha Batliwalla, Kate Fitzgibbon (cox), Cecilia Riley (res.) and coached by Brenton Terrell.
  • Rowing ACT- "Water Safety - Keeping to the correct side", "World Championships Results" and "Winter Time Trial #4" on
  • Rowing NSW Mosman Rowing Club Head of Middle Harbour Draw
    and Vale - Bob Towns
  • Rowing Queensland is very proud of its gold medalist at the world champs- see
  • Rowing SA has Final Day Summary -Sunday (Day 8)(PDF) and Day 7 Summary - Saturday(PDF)
  • Rowing WA Pennant Regatta Results
  • Auslight chicks news has been updated "Eton 2006 - brief"
  • World Rowing- the 10 ten male and female rowers have been annonced- from Australia, Drew Ginn is ranked 4th, and in female Joanna Lutz is ranked 4th, and Emily Martin, Kate Hornsey and Robyn Selby Smith are all equal 6th! Australia probably has the most rowers in the top 10, so well done
  • The next issue of Rowing MagOZine goes on sale this friday, or if you have a subscription you may have already recieved it. Its worth buying it, it comes out every 2 months and is very interesting


28th August, 2006


  • James Gatti, Peter Hardcastle, David Crawshay and Dan Noonan come 3rd in the B Final of the M4x
  • Dominic Monypenny wins the arms only male single easily. So thats Australia's 4th gold!!!
  • 9:30 Julia Veness-Collins, Ben Vines, Gene Barrett, Kristin Mercer and Susie Edwards come 4th in the A Final of the LTAM4+ placing them 4th in the world!!!
  • 10:00 Tim Smith and Cameron Wurf come 4th in the LM2- final
  • 10:45 Marguerite Houston and Amber Halliday grab Australias 5th medal, with a silver in the LW2x
  • 11:00 Sam Beltz and Tom Gibson come 4th in the LM2x A final
  • 11:15 Todd Skipworth, Ben Cureton, Michael McBryde and Tim O'Callaghan come 6th in the A Final of the LM4-
  • 11:30 Catriona Sens, Sonia Mills, Dana Faletic and Sally Kehoe take out Australias 6th medal with a bronze in the W4x
  • 12:00 The Australian crew of (and yes, I realise I have put the names of all the crews up countless times, but I figure that if I ever row international, I want my name up as many times as possible) Robyn Selby Smith, Jo Lutz, Amber Bradley, Sarah Cook, Kim Crow, Sarah Heard, Emily Martin, Kate Hornsey and Lizzy Patrick get bronze in the W8+
  • 12:15 the M8+ of James Chapman, James Marburg, Matthew Ryan, Sam Conrad, Tom Laurich, Karsten Forsterling, Cameron McKenzie McHarg, Jeremy Stevenson and Marty Rabjohns come 4th in the A Final!
  • So thats 7 medals all up, 4 gold, 1 silver and 2 bronze! Australia are on equal 2nd on the medal tally, pretty good considering that we didnt have crews in every events
  • Well done to all the crews who rowed there... and also well done to "f" who left a comment predicting that Australia would get 7. Email me for your prize!


26th August, 2006


  • 7:00- The B final of the W2- Emily Martin and Sarah Heard come 3rd, which places them 11th overall!!!
  • 8:10 W4- A final Robyn SelbySmith,Jo Lutz,Amber Bradley,Kate Hornsey take out the first australian gold at the world champs- snaps for the W4-
    10:10 M2- of Drew Ginn and Duncan Free win gold in 6:18
  • 10:25 W2x A final- Liz Kell and Brooke Pratley get the third Australian gold in 6:47.67- but it was pretty close, just over 2 seconds between first and fifth
  • 12:00- LTAMX4+ The crew of Julia Veness-Collins, Ben Vines,Gene Barrett, Kristin Mercer and Susie Edwards win the repecharge, so are into the A Final

25th August, 2006

Fine this was meant to be here yesterday, but I am having internet problems- sorry
  • Dominic Monypenny won the AM1x Heat in 5:36.67, so he is into the A Final!!!
  • The LTAMX4+ of Julia Veness-Collins, Ben Vines, Gene Barrett, Kristin Mercer and Susie Edwards came 4th in 3:51.08, so they will race the repecharge
  • The LM2- of Tim Smith and Cameron Wurf won their semifinal in 6:47.73, so they will go into the A Final
  • The LW2x of Marguerite Houston and Amber Halliday won their semi in the time of 7:14.03 so they will go into the A Final
  • The LM2x of Sam Beltz and Tom Gibson won their heat with a time of 6:29.70 so they go into the A Final
  • The LM4- of Todd Skipworth, Ben Cureton, Michael McBryde and Tim O'Callaghan came 3rd in their semi so they are into the A Final (6:13.50)
  • The M4x of Jame Gatti, Peter Hardcastle, David Crawshay and Dan Noonan came forth in a time of 6:01.86 so they are into the B final
  • The M8+ with James Chapman, James Marburg, Matthew Ryan, Sam Conrad, Tom Laurich, Karsten Forsterling, Cameron McKenzie-McHarg, Jeremy Stevenson and Marty Rabjohns came first in a time of 5:47.80 so they are into the A Final


24th August, 2006

  • Lightweight mens/heavyweight womens Ted Hale Single Scull
    $5500 ono
    For further details: see Rowing Victoria website or call Anna: 0412 704 608 or email
  • Rowing QLd have a World Championships report by an queensland rower-


  • Claire Shield won the semiC/D for the W1x, so she is into the C final
  • Australia win the semiC/D of the M2x, so they go into the C final
  • The Crew of Stefan Szczurowski,Jaxon Rudduck,Francis Hegerty,Dave McGowan come third in the C Final of the M4-
    Well done
  • 9:49- M2- Come 1st, so they are into the A Final- read somewhere in the paper that on their almost last stroke they missed the water, and nearly fell in! Dont know how true it is, but its a good story (6:22.87)
  • 10:01- W2x Came 2nd, but into the A Final (6:50.03)
  • 12:12 W1x Claire Shields Came 2nd in the C Final- this puts her 18th overall- good work!!! (7:54.77)
  • 12:24- M2x Chris Morgan and Craig Jones came 3rd in the C Final which puts them 19th overall (6:22.16)
  • Rowing News- Aussie men's eight into titles' semis, Shock over Rowers' offer, Winds disrupt rowing titles, Ginn seeks Free tonic to sweep to semi-final success


23rd August, 2006




22nd August, 2006



21st August, 2006


  • 6:39- LM2- Tim Smith and Cameron Wurf win their heat with the fastest heat time of 6:36, they qualify for semifinal A
  • 7:06- LW2x Marguerite Houston and Amber Halliday win their heat in 7:03 and qualify for semifinal A
  • 7:48 LM2x Sam Beltz and Tom Gibson also win their heat in 6:23 and qualify for semifinal A
  • 8:12- LM4 Todd Skipworth, Ben Cureton, Michael McBryde and Tim O'Callaghan win their heat in 6:00 and qualify for semifinal A
  • 8:36, surprise, surprise, the W4- (Catriona Sens, Sonia Mills, Dana Faletic and Sally Kehoe) win their heat in 6:22 and qualify straight to final A
  • 8:54- The M4x (James Gatti,Peter Hardcastle,David Crawshay and Dan Noonan) come 3rd in their heat, but qualify for semifinal A in 5:49
  • 9:06- the W8+ (Robyn Selby Smith,Jo Lutz, Amber Bradley, Sarah Cook, Kim Crow, Sarah Heard, Emily Martin, Kate Hornsey and Lizzy Patrick) win their heat in 6:05 and qualify straight to the A final
  • 9:30- the M8+(James Chapman, James Marburg, Matthew Ryan, Sam Conrad, Tom Laurich, Karsten Forsterling, Cameron McKenzie McHarg, Jeremy Stevenson, Marty Rabjohns) came first in 5:26 and qualified for semifinal A
  • Some newspaper articles- Ginn coasts into semi-finals (The Australian) and Aussie rowers struggle at world titles (The Age)- but today they have done everything but struggle!


20th August, 2006

  • Looking at the weather, it should be a cross tail wind- and raining
  • In the first event of the Championships- the W41 heat Australia defeat USA, Ned(?) and Canda to qualify for Final A, with the fastest time of the two heats.
  • Im not sure if its my computer, or if its happening to everyone, but it is taking forever for the results and all that to load- Im getting lots of "Please wait, page is being generated... " messages
  • Then at 7:36, Claire Shields came 4th in the W1x, which means she will have to race the repecharge
  • At 8:30, the W2- came 2nd in their heat. They needed 1st to qualify straight to the A final, so will have to race the repecharge as well
  • 8:42pm (EST Time) is the M2- race. At 500 they are second behind China, and 1000 they are .5 second's in front. They push out their lead to 3 seconds by the 1500. They win, which qualifys them for semi final A (although coming second would have as well)
  • 9:06pm- The Australian W2x come 2nd in their final, qualifying for semi final A.
  • 9:18- The Australian M2x come 5th, missing out on 4th place by .1 of a second, but only 1st qualified for the a final- so it will be a repecharge for them in the next day or so.
  • 9:54 The Aussie M4- came 6th in their race, so will have to race the repecharge


18th August, 2006


16th August, 2006

  • Rowing Tasmania, information on the 2006/07 Sport Leadership Grants for Women. Information is on the Rowing Tasmania website here or on The Aus Sport Website
  • Also on Rowing Tasmania, a KIRS 8+ (2001) and a Euro wing-rigged Single Scull. On the Rowing Tas Notice Board here
  • On Rowing NSW the NSWIS Time Trial Start List and The Alan Debelin 20 Yr Reunion & Farewell to Tim McLaren (both PDf files)
  • Found out some more results from the World Universitys Championships- the LM1x came 1st in the B Final, the LW4- came 2nd in the B Final, W4- came 3rd in the B Final and M4- came 4th in the B Final. I thought there where more crews than that, but its all the results I can find.
  • The World Championships are going to be on tv (if only i had pay tv). Its going to be on Fox Australia, or if you live in another country visit World Rowing to find out what channel.- The commentators are David Goldstrom & Hugh and you can contact them0 during live broadcast on
  • If, like me you dont have pay tv, but unlike me have fast broadband, then you can watch the world champs on the eurosport website
  • An article about Bebe Clarke, from the Junior World Championships here- we actully had a comment from his mum somewhere down the page congratulating us on this site.
  • Theres lots of lists of youth cup crews going up, the latest for me to find, but its actully been up since late june is the Rowing ACT one, with the following rowers:
    Reese Graham (ACTAS/CRC)Nicolas Barnier (CGS)Bradley Carron-Arthur (CGS)Sam Casey (ANU) -LWZac Cleaver (CRC)Wayne Curtois (CRC)Riley Owen (CLRC)Tom Watkins (CRC) Hugh Burnett (Coxswain)
    Lauren Burraston (ANU)Emma Cook (ACTAS/CLRC)Brydie Foran (ACTAS/BMRC)Jodie Groothof (BMRC) - LWEllen Hart (CGGS) - LWErin Neil (CLRC)Christabelle Northam (CGGS)Grace Peatey (CGGS) Veronica Tamsitt (CGGS)Alison Long (Coxswain)
  • A 1999 K12 Empacher Single Scull for sale look here


15th August, 2006

  • Lots of ACT News today- Stuff about the ACTRA Annual General Meeting, a Lake Closure, ACTRA Rowing Development Workshop #1 - Rowing in the ACT, Boat Transport from Europe to Australia, Rowing World Cup, (a link to this fantastic site) and a 8 for sale. If you want to read about any of this, go to
  • Rowing Australia news- its not new, but there is the media_guide (pdf), and the_athlete_profiles (pdf) for the World Championships
  • On Rowing SA, the latest development news (word) is up
  • The Aus lighty chicks website has another entry into it. Their flying into London today- possibly without water bottles or ipods! Read the blog entry here



11th August, 2006

  • Rowing Tasmania news: dates from the Rowing Season 06/07 Calendar are up on the web and also a Kirs single scull is for sale both here
  • The Aus light chicks guest book isnt working so if you want to wish them good luck, email auslightychicks(at), or check out their website for updates.
  • Its also the world uni championships, but im finding it really hard to find out info,so i will keep looking, but I probably wont know anything until tomorow.


9th August, 2006

  • Well done to the Argonauts at the World Outgames in Montreal. They, along with a Richmond Rowing Club member won in the open 8+, masters 8+ and masters 4+! For more photos and info, visit their blog argos to montreal
  • Rowing ACT have published the August Edition of their Newsletter here
  • James Worrell of rowing photos says that the 2005 World Championships are now up on his website, and the 2006 World Championships images should be up by early September.Photos soon to be put up will also include other world cup and world underage events, and the Australian National Championships.
  • On the Rowing Australia website- you can send a hero fax to your heros in the World Championship (should be cool, but why fax when there is email?- I mean, who has a fax?) But anyhow, get out and find yourself a fax, and start faxing. Download the form here (Word document)
  • 'Rowing Victoria have possibly seen the publicity the Tour De France has gotten, and have decided to make the Canterbury Baselayer Tour de Scull. Its got 5 events, and if your crew is leading in the series, you earn the right to wear the yellow jersey and win a Canterbury Baselayer longsleeve top at the end of the series. Any one interested, look here

8th August, 2006


7th August, 2006

  • More Junior World Champs stuff- there's an age article here and photos on the rowing australia site here
  • The commonwealth regatta has been and gone without much publicity- but here are australias results:
    W2x 3rd
    M1x 4th
    W2- 6th
    W1x 5th
    M4- 3rd
    W4- 4th
    ML4x 4th
    WL1x 4th
    ML1x 5th
    W8+ (with Canda) 3rd
    M8+ 3rd
    Overall Australia did very well, claiming 4 Bronze medals
  • Rowing Australia are looking for a manager and/or assistant manager of the 2007 and 2008 Australian Senior A Rowing Teams. Take a look at the job description on the Rowing Tasmania Site
  • There is a new edition of row trade out-


World Junior Championship Results

JW4-, 10:00
Australia go into the race on an outside lane, they would obviously not be the favorite, but have done very well. Australia go through the 500 in 6th place- but only about 5 seconds behind 1st place, with Germany, Great Britain and Italy in medal positions. A bit of a clash between Great Britain and Belarus slows down the crews, and Australia does a push and tries to catch up. At the 1000 they are 7 seconds behind 1st place, but only 1 second behind NZ. At the 1500 they are in 4th place,and pushing down hard, catching up on bronze place- only 3 seconds behind. Im not even there but it sounds quite exciting over the internet. Germany win (7:08.83), Silver to Italy (7:11.23), Bronze to Great Britain (7:16.76), and Australia get 4th place in (7:18.14). Our NZ neighbours come 5th (7:21.38), and Belarus brings up the rear in 7:23.20. Well done girls!!!
JM2-, 10:58pm
This one Australia go into on an Outerlane, but by the 500m are 2nd, with only SCG(Serbia & Montenegro) infront. By the 1000 they have pulled away, and are infront, and lead the whole way. Its gold to Australia, Silver to Serbia & Montenegro, and Bronze to Romania
JM4x, 11:58pm
Australia go into this as one of the two middle lanes, and pass the first 500 only .5 of a second later then Germany, who's in the other middle lane. Along with France hot on their tail, Australia try to keep up with Germany, but by the 1500 Germany are about 5 seconds in front, and France has dropped away, leaving Croatia, who have come from 6th place, in 3rd place. Then as they reach the finsh, Germany win, followed by Croatia, and Australia get the Bronze medal!

Well done to all the Australian Crews- 1 Gold and 1 Bronze, and a fourth is a job well done! Its also well done to Germany, with crews getting a medal in 11 out of the 13 events.


5th August, 2006

  • News article about Laura Polin, who is competing at the commonwealth regatta and the world university championships here
  • Australia has all 3 crews in the Junior World Champ A Finals. There is live video on the World Rowing Site, and I'll put up the results as they come. The Australian Crews are racing at (w4-)10:00pm, (M2-) 10:58 (M4x)11:58.
    I'll put up the results for the W4- tonight, but the rest are past my bed time- but if someone would like to post a comment to inform everyone, or else check out the world rowing site (see link above), and i'll put them up tomorrow morning.
  • I also cant find the link on the web, but I was reading an article in the Herald Sun yesterday about how Mike McKay and James Tompkins are thinking about making a come back for the 2008 Beijing Olympics- and how they, along with Drew Ginn and Duncan Free could make the Aussie Eight into the "Dream Team"
  • The NSW Rowing Calender for 06-07 is on the Rowing NSW website- check it out here (PFD File)
  • Rowing SA are looking for more boat race officals- look on the Rowing SA Site

3rd August, 2006

  • Looks like their may be more publicity for rowing, with the new media laws. See here
  • Also, the entry list for the Commonwealth Regatta has come out. My guess was pretty close, but if you want to see what everyones racing, click here
  • And back to the junior world championships- Australia held the world record for the fastest time at the junior world championships for about about 5 minutes yesterday, until it was broken by a crew in the following race.
    Then, this afternoon, the Aussie W4- came 2nd in the repecharge, so are into the A Final.


2nd August, 2006

  • More rowing jobs- Rowing Australia are looking for a AIS Rowing Scholarship Coach- for more info go to
  • NSW Rowing are holding a coaching course on the 16th of September- for more information and the application form, click here
  • Tonight the Junior World Rowing Champs started- the womens coxless four were the first crew from Australia to complete. They came 2nd, needing to come 1st to qualify for the A Final, and they will need to race the repecharge tomorrow.
    Then the Australian Coxless pair come through and win their heat, qualifing for the A/B Semifinal with the 2nd fastest time.
    The final Australian crew to race in the heats was the male coxless quad. They came 2nd, which puts them straight into the semifinal.


1st August, 2006

Some Rowing Jobs
Rowing Tasmania are looking for a Rowing Coach/Regional Development Officer and a State Development Officer, for more info visit
Rowing Victoria are looking for a Member Services Co-ordinator vacancy, for more info visit
Commonwealth Regatta
I cant seem to find out the rowers, but aparantly Australia are rowing in the W1x, M1x, W2-, W2x, M4-, W4-, LM4-, LW1x, LM1x and the M8. I'll put up some more information if I can find some more
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
It looks like the Commonwealth Regatta rowers are the same ones who are rowing at the World Uni Championships, so thats
Heavyweight Mens Coxless Four
Bryn Coudraye
Tom Larkins
Mitchel Oliver
Tom Paton
Coached by Zoltan Shepherd
Heavyweight Mens Coxless Pair
Ian Allsop
Richard Allsop
Lightweight Mens Coxless Four
Ed Alexander
Tom Croagh
Tim Gunthorpe
Will Townsend
Coached by Rob McNeil
Lightweight Mens Single Scull
Bob Hoyes
Coached by Rob McNeil
Heavyweight WomensCoxless Four
Kate Beasley
Karolina Hayes
Yasmin L'Estrange
Laura Polin
Coached by Alan Bennett
Lightweight Womens Double Scull
Elsa O'Hanlon
Libby Alderman
Coached by Terry O'Hanlon


Junior World Championships

Wednesday the 2nd of August to Saturday the 5th of August is the Junior World Championships- held in Amsterdam.

The Australian Crews are:
Men's Quad
Bede Clarke
Alex Scharp
Kurt Spencer
Hugo Struss
Coached by John Bowes

Men's Coxless Pair
Jono Hookway
Adam Wertheimer
Coached by Russell Hookway

Women's Coxless Four
Georgia Baker
Brittany Mann
Morag McCallum
Emily Rose
Coached by Gonzola Briones

The Team staff are: Noel Donaldson,Vicky Spencer, John Bowes, Ian Beltz and Urs Graf.